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Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

How to Write Journal Article | Part 1

How to Write Journal Article -  below are tips to make a good journal article. This is very useful for those of you who are continuing their studies in college. I hope this helps for you !

1. How to write a journal article

2. Make your article a storyDetailed descriptionFunctional descriptionTest Results/ 
ValidationBackground/ Lit reviewEconomic & IP AnalysisIntroductionSummary/Conclusion

3. IntroductionWhy this awesome project happened

4. Summary and Literature reviewOther people may have helped my awesome project along

5. What is a summary/ lit review?Why do I need one?Someone did something that made you want to do this project – talk about itSomeone has probably done something similar in the pastSomeone has probably designed or created some of the bits your project uses

6. Cite with StyleIEEE: http://standards.ieee.org/guides/style/Examples: http://www.ieee.org/documents/ieeecitationref.pdf

7. Example: In-text Bockelman [1] and Lowe-Wincentsen [2] both postulate that student authors learn how to write proper citations. In her Copyright 101 talk, Lowe-Wincentsen [2], states that plagiarism can be avoided through proper use of citations. The Library website [3] has many resources to help format citations.

8. Examples: Reference pageBook: [1] J. K. Author, “Title of chapter in the book,” in Title of His Published Book, xth ed. City of Publisher, Country if not USA: Abbrev. of Publisher, year, ch.x, sec. x, pp. xxx–xxx.Journal/ Conference: [2] J. K. Author, “Name of paper,” Abbrev. Title of Periodical, vol. x, no. x, pp. xxx-xxx, Abbrev. Month, year.Web page: [3] Author(s). “Title.” Internet: complete URL, date updated [date accessed].

9. Functional descriptionThis is my project, it does these awesome things

10. Detailed descriptionMy Project is so Awesome you will never believe how awesome it is. Give details about awesome things 1 – 1,000about my project

11. Test results and ValidationTo prove my project’s awesomeness, I tested it

12. Economic and IP AnalysisThese things add up, but who can put a price on Awesomeness?

13. Summary/ ConclusionAll the whos down in Whoville will sing about how awesome this project is.